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Tracks the popularity of your documents according to various metrics of your choice, resulting in a popularity property for each document. You get to choose which doc types participate.

Currently the metrics available are Facebook social reactions (including likes), Facebook comments and Facebook shares.

Facebook "dislikes" cannot be distinguished from likes.

Facebook data is obtained via the sharedcount API. You will need to obtain an API key from sharedcount to use this module.


npm install apostrophe-docs-popularity


// in app.js
const apos = require('apostrophe')({
  modules: {
    'apostrophe-docs-popularity': {
      sharedcountApiKey: 'GOGETYOUROWN'
    // configure it for one piece type
    'profiles': {
      extend: 'apostrophe-pieces',
      name: 'profile',
      // etc, then...
      popularity: {
        metrics: {
          facebook: {
            reactions: {
              // Give each metric a score so you can
              // weight some as more important than others.
              // Higher scores contribute more points to the
              // popularity score per reaction, etc.
              // It's just simple addition
              score: 1
            comments: {
              score: 2
            shares: {
              score: 3
    // configure it for all pages (not pieces)
    'apostrophe-custom-pages': {
      popularity: // see above
    // configure it for all docs with URLs,
    // both pages and pieces
    'apostrophe-doc-type-manager': {
      popularity: // see above

Updating popularity

Use the provided command line task:

node app apostrophe-docs-popularity:update-metrics

Use cron to schedule this to run at a time of your choosing, probably no more than once a day. See the sharedcount website for API quotas and pricing.

Sorting by popularity

The simplest way is to just change the default sort for one of your piece types. Let's continue the profiles module example from before:

    'profiles': {
      extend: 'apostrophe-pieces',
      name: 'profile',
      // Sort by popularity (descending order), then by title
      // as a tiebreaker
      sort: { popularity: -1, title: 1 },
      popularity: { ... see above ... }

You can also sort any Apostrophe find() query by popularity:

// Most popular profile first
const profiles = self.apos.getManager('profile')
  .sort({ popularity: -1 })

For instance, you might do that in an apostrophe-pages:beforeSend promise event handler and attach it to

popularity is just a mongodb document property, so this works with direct MongoDB queries too.

Displaying popularity

If you have a piece, you could display its popularity score simply as piece.popularity. But you're probably also interested in displaying individual metrics like the number of Facebook reactions.

You can access that number as piece.popularityMetrics.facebook.reactions.

Note that likes, dislikes, "wow" reactions, etc. cannot be distinguished from one another. This is a limitation of the data available from the API.


Track and sort the popularity of pieces and pages on an Apostrophe site according to metrics of your choice: social network votes, views, votes, etc.


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