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Generates and links a set of favicons from an image in the media library
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Editor-controlled favicon generator of various formats. Automatic handling of their link tags.


Apostrophe module that leverages the favicons library for generating a number of differently sized favicon image formats. The image itself is an apostrophe-images widget that gets appended to the apostrophe-global, which is easily manipulated by an editor.


The image libraries that the favicons leverages are pure Javascript implementations. Selecting large files will see significant busy time as Apostrophe works through the crops.


Some flavors of linux don't come pre bundled with bzip2, which you'll need for a sub dependency > yum install bzip2

and then > npm install apostrophe-favicons

Example config

in app.js

var apos = require('apostrophe')({
  shortName: 'yourSite',
  modules: {

    // ...
    'apostrophe-favicons': {},
    'apostrophe-favicons-global': {
      destinationDir: '/fav/',
      // Defaults to `/favicons/`. This is an uploadfs path, it will become /uploads/favicons/ on a server

      faviconConfig : {
        icons: {
          windows: false
      // Configuration for favicon module, see options here
      // **NOTE** The `path` option is automatically figured out by the module, no need to set it.


Outputting the link tags

After you have selected and generated your favicons, you can use the following macro to output the markup into your template.

<!-- in layout.html or something -->
{% extends "outerLayoutBase.html" %}
{% import 'apostrophe-favicons:faviconMacros.html' as favicons %}
{% block extraHead %}
  {{ favicons.renderLinks(apos, }}
{% endblock %}
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