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Renders a preview of a URL based on extracted metadata


apostrophe-link-preview-widgets lets you paste a link to an external URL and have scraped meta data returned to a template. You can customize that template and use it to display a preview of the external website within your Apostrophe site. All previews are AJAXed in after page load and the module leverages apostrophe-caches for fastest delivery.


By default, the widget scrapes the given website and returns an object of all <meta> key/values in the site's <head> as well as any information that is part of microdata spec.

Example response object

Your template will receive an object that could look like:

  status: 'ok',
  body: '<div class="apos-link-preview-widgets"> ...', // HTML blob that replaces loading interface
  data: {
    metaTags: {
      ogDescription: 'It may be hard to imagine liking an airline enough to buy its old silverware and service carts, but at a monthly sale, lovers of Delta Air Lines snap up decommissioned items.',
      ogImage: '',
      ogTitle: 'Stocking Up at an Airline’s Garage Sale',
      ogType: 'article',
      ogUrl: '',
      twitterCard: 'summary_large_image',
      twitterImage: '',
      twitterImageAlt: 'From left, Alex Lee and Anthony Segreto check out an old issue of the Delta Digest.',
      twitterTitle: 'Stocking Up at an Airline’s Garage Sale',
      twitterUrl: ''
    '': [
        name: ""
        properties: {
          articleBody: 'ImageAviation enthusiast Bill McDaniel with two of the items he ...' // full article body
          articleSection: 'Travel',
          author: 'By Jackie Snow'

Adding your own scrapers

At project level configuration you can specifiy additional scraping methods to employ on the returned document.

// ... in app.js / lib/modules/apostrophe-link-preview-widgets/index.js
'apostrophe-link-preview-widgets': {
  addScrapers: [
      name: 'headings',
      // scraper function is passed a cheerio object ($) that can be traversed using jQuery syntax.
      // it also includes a text blob of the response (body) if you want to parse it another way.
      scraper: function ($, body) {
        const data = {
          h1: [],
          h2: []
        $('h1').each(function () {

        $('h2').each(function () {

        return data;

Your /views/indexAjax.html's data object would now include a property headings with corresponding h1 and h2 arrays with those text values

Removing default scrapers

Not going to need data? Save yourself the parsing

// ... in app.js / lib/modules/apostrophe-link-preview-widgets/index.js
'apostrophe-link-preview-widgets': {
  removeScrapers: ['']


A widget that renders a preview of a URL



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