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Open Graph for ApostropheCMS.


npm install apostrophe-open-graph --save


Configure apostrophe-open-graph in app.js.

const apos = require('apostrophe')({
  shortName: 'project',
  modules: {
    'apostrophe-open-graph': {}

Set the baseUrl value. Open Graph images will not be set with absolute URLs if the baseUrl is not set. This should either be on the core server object or, more likely, in environment configuration, such as in data/local.js. Some social media platforms consider an aboslute URL to be a requirement and will not accept the image URL without it.

If you choose to disable fields for a piece or page you can do so by setting openGraph: false on the module. apostrophe-files, apostrophe-global, apostrophe-groups, apostrophe-images, apostrophe-users have openGraph: false configured by default.

module.exports = {
  name: 'person',
  label: 'Person',
  pluralLabel: 'People',
  openGraph: false

Add the following include to your <head></head> in layout.html that all of your pages extend, or to outerLayout.html if you have one in apostrophe-templates/views/. This will output the meta tags needed for Open Graph.

{% block extraHead %}
  {% include "apostrophe-open-graph:view.html" %}
{% endblock %}


1.1.6 - 2020-06-03

  • Removes the regression where the site domain would be present twice in the og:image tag if baseUrl is set on the application. There is also a dev warning should baseUrl not be set.
  • Removes Facebook-specific language, as Open Graph is used more widely.


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