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This module's API is not finalized but it is seeing production use. It provides a piece type for geographical places, a corresponding widget type, and pieces pages that provide maps.

For new sites you MUST obtain a Google Maps JavaScript API key with Google Maps Geolocation API enabled for both the server and the browser and configure the module accordingly:

  key: 'your server key here',
  map: {
    browser: {
      key: 'your browser key here',
      // Defaults. Relative to marker clicked
      infoBoxPositionX: 10,
      infoBoxPositionY: -137

This module introduces a 2dsphere index on the geo property of aposDocs. Your other docs must either use that property to store a GeoJSON point, or have no such property.

A geo() filter is available on the cursors returned by the find method of apostrophe-places. This filter accepts a GeoJSON point and sorts results by distance from that point.

You may combine it with the maxDistance (in meters), maxKm and/or maxMiles filters.

Hint: pass it the geo property of a place and you'll get back other places sorted by distance. You'll want to exclude the original place from that list via criteria like { _id: { $ne: req.data.piece._id }}.

When geo() is invoked, distance becomes the sort order, overriding all other sorts. If geo() is present, search() for text is still allowed but a simplified regex search is used to work around the limitations of MongoDB.