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npm install -g apostrophe-replace-original-with-full

replace-original-with-full /opt/stagecoach/apps/YOURAPP/current/public/uploads/attachments

Or, for Apostrophe 0.5.x (legacy sites only):

replace-original-with-full /opt/stagecoach/apps/YOURAPP/current/public/uploads/files

Hardlinks the "original" of each image to the "full" scaled version, greatly reducing storage requirements. However note that the true "original" is GONE FOREVER. Gone gone gone. If you have public "download the original" features, this is a terrible idea. Handy on sites with zillions of images and no requirement for high-quality originals to remain available after upload.

Often run as a cron job with the --quiet option:

0 3 * * * replace-original-with-full /opt/stagecoach/apps/YOURAPP/current/public/uploads/attachments --quiet

If you add the --link-all-sizes option, the rest of the usual Apostrophe image sizes, like one-half and one-sixth, are also symbolic links to the full size. This is NOT a good idea in production because it would force people to download full when they only need a thumbnail! But, it can be handy in a dev environment to conserve space even further.

If you add the --extra-sizes option, you can configure a comma-separated list of extra sizes beyond the standard ones. This is only relevant in combination with --link-all-sizes.

If you add the --size option, you can specify a size name other than full.

This utility is a simple shelljs script, it's not part of Apostrophe itself.

Syncing down just the full images with rsync

Those using this script in a dev environment will want to know how to copy down just the full images from their production server. This command is helpful:

rsync -a --progress --include="*/" --include="*.full.jpg" --exclude="*" public/uploads

rsync's include and exclude options are tricky; this sequence gets it done. (Include all folders, include all files with the right names, exclude everything else.)


Save space by discarding the original version of uploaded images, hardlinking them to the "full" image size. Handy if you don't need full size originals kept around.


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