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apostrophe-images for SVGs in external sprite maps! Managing sprites with apostrophe-svg-sprites

This bundle provides a piece subclass that manages and renders SVG sprites referenced from external maps and an accompanying widget for display.

This bundle assumes you are compiling/managing the SVG maps on your own (Gulp, Webpack, manual).

The bundle also assumes either that you're shipping the files in the project level folder lib/modules/apostrophe-svg-sprites/public or that you'r referencing the files on a public webserver (http://mysite.websites/svg/icons.svg)

This module is not an interface for uploading SVG files or pasting SVG markup.

Bundle consists of

  • apostrophe-svg-sprites as a piece subclass for managing SVGs, similar to apostrophe-images
  • apostrophe-svg-sprites-widgets as a way to render the SVG on a page

apostrophe-svg-sprites supports multiple source maps for multiple sets of SVGs.

Example configuration

modules: {
  'apostrophe-svg-sprites': {
    maps: [
        label: 'Social Media Icons',
        name: 'social',
        file: 'svg/social.svg' // Would be found in /public/svg/social.svg
        label: 'Places Icons',
        name: 'places',
        file: 'svg/places-*.svg' // filename uses a wildcard because it is part of a continuous build process
        label: 'Interface Icons',
        name: 'interface',
        file: 'http://mysite.websites/svg/icons.svg' // externally requested resource
  'apostrophe-svg-sprites-widgets': {},

Example markup output

    <use xlink:href="{{ svg.file }}#{{ }}"></use>

Example spritemap format

Important, all <symbol> elements need to be peers of one another at the same node depth.

In lib/modules/apostrophe-svg-sprites/public/svg/places.svg

<svg xmlns="">
	<symbol width="24" height="24" viewBox="0 0 24 24" id="ic_ac_unit_24px" >
		<path d="M22 11h-4.17l3.24-3.24-1.41-1.42L15 11h-2V9l4.66-4.66-1.42-1.41L13 6.17V2h-2v4.17L7.76 2.93 6.34 4.34 11 9v2H9L4.34 6.34 2.93 7.76 6.17 11H2v2h4.17l-3.24 3.24 1.41 1.42L9 13h2v2l-4.66 4.66 1.42 1.41L11 17.83V22h2v-4.17l3.24 3.24 1.42-1.41L13 15v-2h2l4.66 4.66 1.41-1.42L17.83 13H22z" />
	<symbol width="24" height="24" viewBox="0 0 24 24" id="ic_airport_shuttle_24px" >
		<path d="M17 5H3a2 2 0 0 0-2 2v9h2c0 1.65 1.34 3 3 3s3-1.35 3-3h5.5c0 1.65 1.34 3 3 3s3-1.35 3-3H23v-5l-6-6zM3 11V7h4v4H3zm3 6.5c-.83 0-1.5-.67-1.5-1.5s.67-1.5 1.5-1.5 1.5.67 1.5 1.5-.67 1.5-1.5 1.5zm7-6.5H9V7h4v4zm4.5 6.5c-.83 0-1.5-.67-1.5-1.5s.67-1.5 1.5-1.5 1.5.67 1.5 1.5-.67 1.5-1.5 1.5zM15 11V7h1l4 4h-5z" />

Importing sprites as pieces

To make getting started easier this module provides a command line task for parsing your sprite maps and automatically creating pieces for them.

Requirements for import

  • Sprite maps must be formatted so that all <symbol>...<symbol/> elements are on the same node level.
  • The import uses the maps array from 'apostrophe-svg-sprites' configuration, so that must be set beforehand.
  • <symbol> tags must have an id attribute <symbol id="my-cool-icon">....</symbol>
  • <symbol> tags can optionally have a title attribute that will be used as the piece's title field <symbol title="my cool icon">....</symbol>
  node app.js apostrophe-svg-sprites:import

Automating running import

Your SVG map might be being built by Gulp.js or Webpack constantly, which means your Apostrophe pieces have to stay in sync with changes. The import task automatically updates existing sprites's details on run, so you might want to run the task as part of your build process or before each deploy.

To run on each deploy

Just add the task to the /deployment/migrate file using the existing example.

Why use external SVG maps?


  • Resolution independent
  • Small footprint
  • Can be manipulated via CSS and JS

<use> tag

  • External file is cached
  • Network friendly (a single resource serves many scenarios)
  • No browser penalty for multiple uses of the same SVG on a single page

Browser Support

SVG sprite maps are supported in Chrome, Safari 7.1+, Firefox, Edge 13+, Opera. Pair this module with something like SVG for Everybody to get support Safari 6, IE 6+, and Edge 12.


apostrophe-images for SVGs in external sprite maps!



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