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Import tags from A2 to tag piece types corresponding to various piece and page types in your project


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While Apostrophe 2 documents have a tags array field, this field doesn't exist in Apostrophe 3. Instead, tags are represented as relationships to a "tag piece type" if and when this is desired in a particular project.

This module provides a simple way to migrate A2-style, array-based tags properties to A3-style relationships to a "tag piece type" corresponding to a particular piece type, or to pages.

This module is most often used after a successful run of @apostrophecms/content-upgrader, which copies the tags array property of each document over to A3 without modification.


npm install @apostrophecms/import-a2-tags


Note that in this example we are configuring tags for all page types, but you can also import tags for any piece type or individual page type in the same way.

You can also add tags to all piece types by configuring them for @apostrophecms/piece-type, but usually this is a mistake because you will want to curate the tags for each piece type separately.

// in app.js
modules: {
  // Create a "tag piece type" to hold the tags in A3, since
  // A3 does not use arrays for tags.
  // For images and files you can skip this
  'page-tag': {},
  // Activate the import-a2-tags module
  '@apostrophecms/import-a2-tags': {}

// in modules/page-tag/index.js (for images and files you can skip this)
module.exports = {
  extend: '@apostrophecms/piece-type'

// in modules/@apostrophecms/page-type/index.js (for images and files you can skip this)
module.exports = {
  fields: {
    add: {
      _tags: {
        type: 'relationship',
        withType: 'page-tag',
        label: 'Tags',
        help: 'Tags for this page'


# Import tags on images to the built-in image-tag piece type and create relationships
node app @apostrophecms/import-a2-tags:import --types=@apostrophecms/image:@apostrophecms/image-tag
# Requires additional configuration, see above
node app @apostrophecms/import-a2-tags:import --types=@apostrophecms/page-type:page-tag

Specifying the piece type or page type to import tags from

The type before the : is the page or piece type that has data in an existing tags array property in MongoDB (usually due to an import from A2).

Specifying the "tag piece type" to represent the tags

Since A3 does not have array-based tags, you'll need to add a piece type to your project to represent the tags. This change was made in A3 because it yields a better curation experience.

The type after the : is a piece type that you have added to your A3 project to serve as a "tag type." You must also add a _tags relationship pointing at this type, as shown above.

Note that images already have a tag piece type, @apostrophecms/image-tag, and files do too, @apostrophecms/file-tag. You don't have to create a new module in order to import these.

Importing multiple types at once

If you wish, you can specify multiple comma-separated pairs of types:

node app @apostrophecms/import-a2-tags:import --types=type1:type1-tag,type2:type2-tag

Again, the tag piece types must exist in your project, except for @apostrophecms/image-tag and @apostrophecms/file-tag which exist by default.


Import tags from A2 to tag piece types corresponding to various piece and page types in your project



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