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This project, due to lack of ongoing reason to actually keep it on GitHub (with no contributions for quite some time now), has been moved to a repository on FossRec. See cfworks instead. Any new issues or other contributions should target that repository instead of this.

Copyfree Works

Copyfree works -- quite well, in fact. As evidence, we maintain a list of copyfree works on the Copyfree Initiative website. This very small project repository exists for the sole purpose of collaborative maintenance of the datafile that lies behind that list.


If you have a project in mind to add to the works list, follow our process.

If you do not have a project in mind, have some time on your hands, and just want to help out, check this project's issue tracker for tasks you could undertake. Some of them may be long tasks, involving lists of applications; if you do not get through the complete list, just update the issue with a comment about what you accomplished to make it easy on the next person to work on that issue. With that in mind, follow our process.

If you just want some project(s) added to the works list without doing any appreciable work, add an issue. We will get to it whenever we feel like it, probably shortly after some higher-priority work. The more useful information you provide in an issue, the more likely we are to add it to the list quickly.


  1. Fork this repository.
  2. Commit changes in your fork. Use imperative language commit messages.
  3. Use GitHub's facilities for a Pull Request.
  4. Monitor the PR for any comments we may have on your PR.
  5. Celebrate when your PR gets merged. If it does not get merged for some reason, congratulate yourself on the learning experience.

(You get bonus points for using a descriptively named topic branch in your PR.)

Please use examples in the YAML datafile as your template for adding new copyfree works. At a bare minimum, a new suggestion should include project name, license name, and URIs for both an authoritative license terms reference and whatver passes for the project's "main" webpage (the uri value). The license terms reference should be authoritative for the project, and not simply the address for some license text at OSI.

This is an example of the general format of works list datafile entries:

Project Name:
  - http://projectname.example/
  - Project Name does something useful.
  - MIT/X11 License
  - client
  - network
  - software

In cases of complicated licensing, there are particular guidelines for how to handle specifying all relevant licenses.

For straightforward disjunctive multi-licensing, where there are several options for license terms a recipient can accept, such as a dual-license MIT/X11 License and Detachable Public License, include them as a set of list items under the license: part of the project data:

  - Detachable Public License
  - MIT/X11 License

In some cases, there may be multiple licenses that all apply (there is no choice between options; you must accept all of them) in a manner that does not yield a single official "project license". In that case, all applicable licenses must be listed on one line with plus signs:

  - Beerware License + ISC License + MIT/X11 License

Any comments asking for changes -- no matter how trivial they may seem -- are not intended to carry any negative emotional baggage, unless you are trolling us. They are intended to help you get used to how we do things, and to help us find time to handle all the backlog of work building up as we plan for a substantial reimplementation of the CI website, from infrastructure on up. See more on that later in this README.

Feel free to submit improvements to works already included in the list. Especially among some of the earliest-added works, there is some missing information in some entries, for instance, and sometimes linkrot causes problems for some works in the list.


Feel free to use the issue tracker for this project if you have concerns or requests related to the works list in its current form, the future design of the new works database, or the process we use for updating the current works list. Please use succinct, but complete, sentences in your ticket titles.


This is where "later in this README" happens:

We intend to dramatically update the Copyfree Initiative website in the near-ish future. One of the big changes will be the replacement of the current works list system -- a simplistic YAML-backed webpage -- with a searchable, sortable, filterable interface, backed by a PostgeSQL database.

  • Yes, we do intend to ensure it is still accessible for people who block JavaScript, though it is possible (not yet decided) that some (non-critical) features will be added only when your browser allows JavaScript.

  • Yes, we do intend to make the data we use for the new works DB available under a copyfree license, possibly even as YAML and/or JSON, though we have not yet really thought much about how we'll do that. (We intend to provide the entire (new) codebase under a copyfree license, as well.)


We, the contributors, take the position that the contents of the works.yaml file represent nothing more than a collection of obvious information, should be legally subject to the doctrine of fair use, with no restrictions on incorporation in other works or modification to produce a new or derivative work, effectively making the contents of the file a part of the public domain. In the event that legal professionals disagree, you are invited to apply the terms of any copyfree license that suits your fancy, or any collection of copyfree licenses that you may desire to use. See the Copyfree Initiative certified licenses list for some license options.


Copyfree Works: what it says on the tin --






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