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Made it more compatible with asset pipeline and improved generator placement structure

kristianmandrup added some commits Sep 5, 2012

@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup some nice updates to make it better to work with for Rails 3.2 2799ba7
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup all test pass 40acbeb
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup added api docs 2e8b36d
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup much cleaner and flexible 492dc03
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup jquery helper tests wip cb80a00
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup all tests pass using new jquery helpers 22263c5
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup bump version 27c26bf
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup added more view helpers for js 25e1d5f
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup patch cell rendering to use views folder b17ec08
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup all specs pass - much better coffe/js integration using js/coffee nam…
…espaces and classes for widgets :)
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup better coffee namespace docs 2b3f2ef
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup better widget client side infra ff6d7ca
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup adjusted widget target path to fit with rails standards 95dc381
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup using engine 706a353
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup much better generator structure and flexibility - all tests pass 9a9b9cd
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup allow stylesheet lang option on generator 1607f57
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup fix js naming 9856a54
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup fix rendering? a6d026e
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup add engine setup generator 8b1a46e
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup more README instructions 99d55e8
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup added skeleton to test for widget with action named load - which curr…
…ently fails
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup support jQuery noConflict mode 78a2bc3
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup jquery noConflic mode - tests passes 7b141be
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup global partials 1ee5fe9
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup add essential cells documentation to apotomo README 5e8abdc
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup added kaminari setup generator 41f56ed
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup notes on url helpers b70e4d6
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup using rspec with apotomo c300cc8
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup uncommented travis for now 847df85
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup fixed kaminari setup generator 518b824
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup notes on use with rspec 02981ae
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup how to configure generators 3b5e23b
@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup minor twist in readme 5431312

apotonick commented Nov 22, 2012

Can you please fix the tests, I get flooded with travis emails telling me the build is "still broken".

All tests pass on my side locally with ruby 1.9.3. I don't know why it pushes to your Travis. I thought only you had access to do this? I don't have much experience with using Travis yet, sorry.
I even tried renaming the .travis.yml file, in order to avoid pushing it to Travis for now...
I'm mostly a "coder", not so experienced with all this administration/configuration/deployment etc.

Nice! I will be using widgets in my current project big time. I will soon have some time to contribute more... I also need to understand how to use Travis correctly so as not to cause these floods of errors in the future.


kuraga commented Feb 11, 2013

@kristianmandrup it's very nice! Don't you remember why test is fail? I'll explain in future because this bunch is very cool and useful!

P.S. Maybe it's a reason to see #22 also. For other JavaScript helpers...

@kuraga, let me add you on Skype, then we can discuss more how to proceed...


kuraga commented Feb 20, 2013

@kristianmandrup There is a problem in commit kristianmandrup/apotomo@c82e335. What is it for?

Maybe see #48.


1) Failure: test: A widget should list 'load' in local and inherited states in Widget.action_methods. (WidgetTest) [apotomo/test/widget_test.rb:138]: Failed assertion, no message given.
169 tests, 293 assertions, 1 failures, 0 errors, 0 skips

The test:

    should "list 'load' in local and inherited states in Widget.action_methods" do
      assert MouseWidget.action_methods.collect{ |m| m.to_s }.include?("load")
      assert{ |m| m.to_s }.include?("load")

I have no idea. I remember as well that I was puzzled over this test as I ran into it…

It just means that the method "load" should be a member of the action_methods array, hmm… not sure what load is used for. I guess it "loads" the widget and its state? Check the code. I'm too busy, sorry!


apotonick commented Feb 20, 2013

I guess because load is an internal ruby method and rails tries to find out
possible action names, which interferes.

On Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 3:15 AM, Kurakin Alexander <


Maybe you have seen #48 #48) I'll see all of this commits and will write later...

Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub

kuraga commented on 2799ba7 Feb 23, 2013

Small style code fixes are needed here and later... I.e. Convert def meth var to def meth(var). And don't you prefer each to for?


kuraga commented Feb 23, 2013

Why not to unify quotes politics?
element(id) + ".find(#{selector}).append('#{escape(markup)}');" (is)

Without slashes maybe (not changed later)?

kuraga commented on b17ec08 Feb 23, 2013

Have we sense to move this change to Cells?

It was a patch specifically to override the default behavior as defined in cells so that the views are not mixed with the action classes, but can live in a separate views folder "next to" that action class. Another option would be to have a separate views folder at the widgets (root) level like in Rails. Simpy having a views folder with the action class however would make it easier to move refactor and move around the action class with views as one entity. The other (more Rails like) approach would require more "synchronization effort".

I mean that this option (in some variant) is good for Cells too... And is it good when Cells and Apotomo behavior is equivalent, isn't it?

I don't think that it's right to show rspec situation... Because rspec usage is a custom situation and dependences on rspec-apotomo gem? Yes?
P.S. Maybe haml too... But it's easy to use haml syntax in examples and Nick always did that... :)

kuraga commented on 5432319 Feb 24, 2013

Attention!!! It seems that incompatibilities have been introduced here!


kuraga commented Feb 24, 2013

Ok, I have seen half of commits. And I saw two incompatibilities: views are moved to views subfolder and display default state is renamed to show... Your opinion, Nick?
UPD: It seems that situation of an old behavior are handled, too.

kuraga commented on a6d026e Feb 24, 2013

Hmm... I don't understand apotomo's log system at all :) puts but don't puts... Log rendering a view... but don't log which of them. Don't you need rails's log system integration? I can help maybe.

capture doesn't demand a proxy (I mean b variable here). Can't we realize that here?

kuraga commented on 8b1a46e Feb 24, 2013

Sorry but can't we use something from actionpack to realize it?..

kuraga commented on c82e335 Feb 24, 2013

What is this commit for? It breaks tests maybe because load is a Kernel method. Revert it!


kristianmandrup commented on 25e1d5f Feb 24, 2013

This was to make it easier to implement Ajax dragn/drop via jQuery Ajax helpers, as demonstrated in one of the apotomo demos.
I never got around to test it for real. Feel free to make your changes as you see fit.


apotonick commented Feb 25, 2013

Could we have separate discussions about the (upcoming?) views/ subfolder for cells and widgets and the jQuery helpers?

Strange section... Is this sections for Cell, no? And see #21 and this comment.

Nick, what do you think about this method?

kuraga commented on 41f56ed Feb 25, 2013

Would we create code (that doesn't fix issues) for very special gems, Nick?

kuraga commented on 847df85 Feb 25, 2013

Why the.travis.yml?


kuraga commented Feb 25, 2013

Yes, sure. Do you mean new github issue?


kuraga commented Feb 25, 2013

@kristianmandrup Don't you remember some (else) incompatibilities introduced by this PR?


apotonick commented Feb 25, 2013

It would be great if this PR gets split into features that can be merged separately as I don't have the time to go through all the commits. We don't need to open more PRs, just a mapping from commits to feature.


kuraga commented Feb 26, 2013

No. These things are not separated by Nick (i.e. see the first commit). By think that I can split each diff... And squash up then. But I need time for this.

To me it makes perfect sense for the default action to be named #show to be in line with Rails REST conventions.
Perhaps there should be an option to somehow indicate that a widget can handle both a collection and simple items via #index and #show ? Do widgets even need views in the form of templates in the traditional Rails sense?

One could argue that the best practice would be to partition the interface into sufficiently small parts, that each "view" could better be handled by a Decorator or similar and take advantage of inheritance etc for better reuse and encapsulation of business logic? Just some thoughts... I would think, that ideally the templates should only be used as Proof of Concept, before refactoring them into decorators? At least, that would be my choice.


apotonick commented Feb 27, 2013

@kuraga Wait, first I need an overview about which features are in the PR. I can see jQuery extensions right away.

@kristianmandrup The default state of a widget should be #show as #display is an internal ruby method. Also, I agree, it matches with Rails' CRUD convention.

What I don't understand is that decorator thing? Do you mean to decorate the widget, or the models contained in the widget?

What I mean is that if you have a widget, which encapsulates a small view part, it can become a mess with all these mini view templates IMO. I feel that a better approach is to have the view rendered directly via a Decorator class, which you can test independently, something like Draper for example. Then it could look sth like:

render text:

I would imagine?

class MyWidget < Widget
  def show
    render text:


  def decorator widget

A "CRUDe" example ;) but the basic idea... The Decorator then gets all the power of OOP, such as inheritance, polymorphism, modularization etc. I think it is a small price to pay for the little extra complexity. The view templates could of course still be used in the quick Proof of Concept (prototype) phase. Just my thoughts...


kuraga commented Feb 27, 2013

People let's separate discussions! The age of this PR is half-of-year. We should step forward...


apotonick commented Mar 2, 2013

Let's move on with the new assets layout where we add the views
directory. This should go into cells!

Ou!!!!!!!! Name error!!!!

Why callback-version method is defined for toggle variant only?
And why doesn't callback receive any arguments?

I didn't test all these helpers. Just started adding whichever I thought might be useful... not even sure this is the right approach :P Perhaps there is a better way, without having ruby "spit out" javascript? Perhaps better with more clever use of Object Oriented coffeescript? Maybe have a few predefined coffeescript functions that handle this instead?


kuraga commented Mar 4, 2013

@kristianmandrup example please?

Imagine we have an Apotomo.Widget object in coffeescript:

class Apotomo.Widget
  initialize(id) -> 
    @id = id

  execute(method, *args)  ->
    # dynamically execute jquery function on widget (via @id)

  # or just have each function like this...
  toggleClass(name ->

Putting the functionality where it "belongs" ;) no?


kuraga commented Mar 4, 2013

@kristianmandrup Do you say about functionality which is in commits now? If yes then I think that is good have both functionalities... Your example is very nice but what if I don't want create some special JS objects?...

But about helpers... Should they be JS-agnostic maybe? Without jQuery?

I would add jQuery helpers, since this is the new default as I understand since Rails 3.1. If some developers want to add equivalent helpers for other javascript frameworks or pure javascript, they may do so... leave room for others ;)
Should just be "proof of concept" to target most common usage, others may expand this if they need.


kuraga commented Mar 4, 2013

Yes, I agree. Oh, I see! Frameworks are separated by modules.


kuraga commented Mar 4, 2013

Ok, @apotonick @kristianmandrup I think I should split these commits and analyze them. I will do this. For own experience or for Apotomo or for my project, I don't care... I can say nothing about time... And sure you can do this work parallel with/out me. Thanks.

Look at this :)

class Apotomo.WidgetRepo
  initialize ->
    @widgets = []

  find(id) ->

  register(widget) ->
    @widgets[] = widget

Apotomo.widgets = new Apotomo.WidgetRepo

class Apotomo.Widget
  initialize id ->
    @id = id
    Apotomo.widgets.register(self) # or this ?

  element ->

  toggleClass(name) -> 

  hide ->

class Property.TabWidget extends Apotomo.Widget
  initialize(id) ->

  show ->
    # ...

  collapse ->

  expand ->

PS: Above syntax may not be correct, but should make it clear what I mean

in ruby Widget class render method

class Property::TabWidget < Apotomo::Widget

  def render
    # some ruby code... fx operations on instance vars

    # some ruby expression to render the following in javascript
    # Apotomo.widgets.find(id).toggleClass('highlight`)

     # for example
     js_for(widget_id) do |widget|

I think this approach would be way better, and nice encapsulation of functionality at both ends.


kuraga commented Mar 4, 2013

Yes, sure, but I think it's not bad to have append method if we have replace method! Which we do have now; or do you suggest to remove JavascriptGenerators module at all?

I suggest to replace the ruby side with something like this:

My own widget


Operate on some other widget by id

     client_widget(widget_id) do |widget|

or operate on multiple widgets

     client_widgets(id1, id2) do |widgets|
       widgets.each {|widget| widget.toggleClass(highlight) }

In each case, rendering javascript like this (to retrieve the Javascript widget class instance from the Javascript widget repository)


Nice and elegant :)

The JavaScriptGenerator then have to be refactored to support this new style... that's all.


kuraga commented Mar 5, 2013

Hm... I thought that you suggest to introduce execute helper (with some code as argument) and remove other helpers...

Yes! I understand now! Very cool! @apotonick, Nick, your opinion?

P.S. Maybe nice to delegate toggleClass to client_widget automatically :)

Well, execute was meant as a more generic helper.

widget.execute(:highlight, 'orange') would render javascript such as:

widget.execute('highlight', orange') which would execute something like the following (coffeescript):

  execute(method, *args) ->

I think execute could be useful in addition to the other helpers (at least for prototyping functionality), but preferably the developer should populate the Javascript "twin class" for each widget with whatever specific methods it needs, and not rely on such a generic function. What do you think?

P.S: I don't understand what you mean by "delegate toggleClass to client_widget automatically" ? toggleClass was just as an example.


kuraga commented Mar 5, 2013

I think that my experience in thinking of patterns is too small for this :) Let's wait for Nick's opinion.

One that I think - I think that helpers should be or not be. Or a comprehensive set of them, or one helper render only.

P.S. toggleClass(:highlight) may be equivalent to client_widget.toggleClass(:highligt).

ahh, but that is dangerous in my opinion. It is not clear in that case that toggleClass is applied on the client side widget and rendered as javascript. Too much magic! Why I introduced the block syntax, in order to make it clear that whatever was inside the block scope is rendered as javascript ;)


kuraga commented Mar 5, 2013

Yeah, yeah... That's a pattern too. Will you, @kristianmandrup, code something two nearest weeks?

Yeah, if you get started by taking the best of my ideas and cleaning up the code, I will be ready to help out from next week or this weekend ;)


kuraga commented Mar 5, 2013

I'll start by splitting commits only (and reading them). Then'll talk ;)


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