A rails project to demonstrate cells in action.
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git clone git://github.com/apotonick/cells_examples.git
cd cells_examples

Browse to localhost:3000 and have fun.

Diving in

Start with app/controllers/blog_controller.rb and study the cell class files referenced by #render_cell.

  • a basic cell to start with is in app/cells/post_cell.rb
  • forms in cells are revealed in app/cells/newsletter_cell.rb
  • simple caching is demonstrated in app/cells/debug_cell.rb


Simple Caching is demonstrated in app/cells/debug_cell.rb.

View Inheritance

The app/cells/rubyflow_teaser_cell.rb on /portal/rubyflow does use view inheritance. Read how it’s done at http://apotomo.de/2010/04/using-cells-view-inheritance-to-clean-up-your-views/


If you think these examples are useless, feel free to add more descriptive stuff and send
us a pull request. We’re looking forward to your work.

Every contribution pulled into master will be rewarded with beer at a Ruby/Rails
event (I PAY!).


  • Michał Łomnicki [mlomnicki]: VideoCell with AJAX-Form, model and cache sweepers (+3 beers).
  • Winston Tsang [rubyconsumer]: added a layout with navigation, a display-cells-borders button, and various JS libs (+3 beers).