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PHP API library

More on the api here:

V1 is still available

Availalbe here:

I wrote tests not for testing sake, but really just to see how I liked how the library worked!

Feedback Wanted

This is a work in progress and is a drasticly different then v1 of this library.

Let me know what you think and suggestions and ideas


Instructions after cloning this repository you have to create a file in the root of it called parseConfig.php

sample of parseConfig.php

Below is what you want parseConfig.php to look like, just fill in your IDs and KEYs to get started.


class parseConfig{

    const APPID = '';
    const MASTERKEY = '';
    const RESTKEY = '';
    const PARSEURL = '';



sample of upload.php

    //This example is a sample video upload stored in parse

    $parse = new parseObject('Videos');
    $parse->title = $data['upload_data']['title'];
    $parse->description = $data['upload_data']['description'];
    $parse->tags = $data['upload_data']['tags'];

    //create new geo
    $geo = new parseGeoPoint($data['upload_data']['lat'],$data['upload_data']['lng']);
    $parse->location = $geo->location;

    //use pointer to other class
    $parse->userid = array("__type" => "Pointer", "className" => "_User", "objectId" => $data['upload_data']['userid']);

    //create acl
    $parse->ACL = array("*" => array("write" => true, "read" => true));
    $r = $parse->save();
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