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Static Site - Eleventy Ethereal

Static Site prototyped on top of Eleventy SSG and Ethereal Design. Boilerplate features:

  • Design: HTML5up Ethereal
  • SSG: 11ty
  • Webpack, Babel
  • Light-server - for browser refresh
  • PostCSS, Sass/SCSS, CSSnano
  • Autoprefixer


Want more? Go PRO!

PRO versions include Premium UI Kits, Lifetime updates and 24/7 LIVE Support (via Discord)

Eleventy Material Kit PRO Eleventy Paper Kit PRO Eleventy Now UI Kit PRO
Eleventy Material Kit PRO Eleventy Paper Kit PRO Eleventy Now UI Kit PRO

Eleventy Html5UP Ethereal - Static Site built in Eleventy.

How to use it

$ # clone the sources
$ git clone
$ cd eleventy-html5up-ethereal
$ # install modules
$ yarn
$ # start the project in development mode
$ yarn dev
$ # app is running on http://localhost:4000
$ # build the project for production
$ yarn build

Project Structure

The boilerplate code is built with a modular structure that follows the recommended pattern used by many open-source projects. The most important files / directories are listed bellow:

< ROOT > - Eleventy Ethereal      # project root folder
    |--- src/                     # website source folder  
    |--- src/_includes            # website partials (footer, header)  
    |--- src/assets               # website assets (scss, javascript files)
    |--- src/index.njk            # index page in NJK format
    |--- .eleventy.js             # Eleventy (11ty) config file
    |--- package.json             # main script executed by Yarn, Npm



License & Credits

Static Site Eleventy Ethereal - provided by AppSeed