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Helm registry plugin

Install the Helm Registry Plugin

First, Install the latest Helm release.

If you are an OSX user, quickstart with brew: brew install kubernetes-helm

Next download and install the registry plugin for Helm.


$ mkdir -p ~/.helm/plugins/
$ cd ~/.helm/plugins/ && git clone registry

# On first use it downloads required assets

$ helm registry --help
Registry plugin assets do not exist, download them now !
downloading ...


Upgrade the appr binary
$ helm registry list-plugin-versions
$ helm registry upgrade-plugin VERSION
downloading ...
Upgrade the helm plugin
$ cd ~/.helm/plugins/registry
$ git pull origin master
$ helm registry upgrade-plugin
downloading ...

Deploy Jenkins Using Helm from the Quay Registry

helm registry version

Output should be:

Api-version: {u'cnr-api': u'0.X.Y'}
Client-version: 0.X.Y

Install Jenkins

helm init
helm registry list
helm registry install

Create and Push Your Own Chart

First, create an account on and login to the CLI using the username and password

Set an environment for the username created at Quay to use through the rest of these instructions.

export USERNAME=philips

Login to Quay with the Helm registry plugin:

helm registry login -u $USERNAME

Create a new Helm chart, the default will create a sample nginx application:

helm create nginx

Push this new chart to Quay and then deploy it from Quay.

cd nginx
helm registry push --namespace $USERNAME
helm registry install$USERNAME/nginx