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Tool to reconcile services with their desired state as defined in the app-interface DB.


  • qontract-reconcile github: Configures the teams and members in a GitHub org.
  • qontract-reconcile quay-membership: Configures the teams and members in Quay.
  • qontract-reconcile openshift-rolebinding: Configures Rolebindings in OpenShift clusters.
  • qontract-reconcile quay-repos: Creates and Manages Quay Repos.
  • qontract-reconcile ldap-users: Removes users which are not found in LDAP search.


Use config.toml.example as a template to create a config.toml file.

Run a reconcile integration like this:

qontract-reconcile <subcommand> --config config.toml --dry-run

# review output and run without `--dry-run` to perform actual changes
qontract-reconcile <subcommand> --config config.toml


Create and enter the virtualenv environment:

virtualenv venv
source venv/bin/activate

Install the package:

python install

# or alternatively use this for a devel environment
python develop


Please see


Apache License Version 2.0.


These tools have been written by the Red Hat App-SRE Team.