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Welcome to appNG, the Next Generation application platform!


Configuration & Installation

  • Download and unpack Apache Tomcat. The target folder is referred to as $CATALINA_HOME in the following.

  • Download the appNG web application: appng-application-1.18.1-SNAPSHOT.war
    (The latest SNAPSHOT Version is available here: appng-application-1.18.1-SNAPSHOT.war)

  • Delete all folders from $CATALINA_HOME/webapps

  • Expand appng-application-1.18.1-SNAPSHOT.war to $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/ROOT

  • Create a new database with the DB management tool of your choice and set your database connection properties in the file WEB-INF/conf/

  • Download Connector/J from here and save mysql-connector-java-5.1.47.jar to $CATALINA_HOME/lib

  • Verify that CATALINA_HOME and APPNG_HOME in WEB-INF/bin/appng (for unix/linux based systems) or WEB-INF/bin/appng.bat (for windows based systems) match your local machine settings (change/uncomment the respective lines if necessary)

  • in WEB-INF/conf/install.list

    • set the variable ADMIN_SUBJECT (#15) to your desired username

      def ADMIN_SUBJECT=johndoe
    • in the line starting with "create-subject" (#31), set your desired password (-p), full name (-n) and e-mail address (-e)

      create-subject -u $ADMIN_SUBJECT -p secret -n "John Doe" -l en -e
  • On a command prompt, change to WEB-INF/bin and run

    chmod +x appng
    ./appng batch -f ../conf/install.list

    (for unix/linux based systems)

    appng batch -f ..\conf\install.list

    (for windows based systems)

  • Start Tomcat

    $CATALINA_HOME/bin/ run

    (for unix/linux based systems)

    %CATALINA_HOME%/bin/catalina.bat run

    (for windows based systems)

  • Check WEB-INF/log/appNG.log
    if you see the line appNG 1.18.1-SNAPSHOT started in xxx ms. at the end, startup was successful

  • Browse to http://localhost:8080/manager to login with your username/password

  • Enjoy!

  • Start developing your own applications! Check out the developer guide.

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