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  1. reactivesearch

    A React and React Native UI components library for building data-driven apps with Elasticsearch

    JavaScript 2.4k 203

  2. dejavu

    The Missing Web UI for Elasticsearch: Import, browse and edit data with rich filters and query views, create search UIs visually.

    JavaScript 4.9k 282

  3. mirage

    🎨 GUI for simplifying Elasticsearch Query DSL

    TypeScript 1.7k 73

  4. reactivemaps

    A data aware UI components library for building realtime maps

    JavaScript 900 44

  5. abc

    Power of appbase.io via CLI, with nifty imports from your favorite data sources

    Go 146 15

  6. Docs

    Appbase.io Developer Hub

    JavaScript 23 11

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