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Data Browser

Data Browser is a WYSIWG GUI for adding, modifying and viewing your app's data.

Data is stored as JSON documents in a type. You can read more about the data schema here.


The data browser is available within app dashboard. But it can also be:

Adding Your First Data

Follow the above gif to add your first data.


Adding Data

The data browser allows adding data as a single JSON object or multiple JSON objects (passed as an array). It is recommended to pass up to 100 objects at a time.

Updating Existing Data

Existing data records can be updated easily. Select a record from the view and tap the Update button.

Deleting Data

Data records can also be deleted easily. Select a record (or multiple) from the view and tap the Delete button.

Doing more with data

While data browser is great to get started with and for visualizing data, the recommended way to add data programatically is via the REST API or one of the Node.JS or Golang libraries.

The data browser is still a great place to visualize and debug the existing data records with its filters and continuous query functionalites.