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With the 1.5.0 release 🍾, we are adding important enhancements for Elasticsearch users, bringing update_by_query and delete_by_query features as well as adding fixes for some breaking UI/Ux behaviors.


  • When connecting to an ES cluster, dejavu now allows fetching the existing indices via UI. #120
  • New enhancements to the queries view to add support for Update by Query and Delete by Query in addition to view data. #131
  • Ability to add custom headers with the requests to target ES clusters that may use different form of authentication than Basic Auth. #90
  • Updated Dockerfile to use Node 9.8.0 and yarn (instead of npm), also adds a Docker compose file.


  • Dejavu now shows error messages when any ES request it makes fails. #127, #139
  • A basic implementation to support reduce motion. #163
  • Ensuring that reload button updates mapping and deletion of data. #162, #159
  • App loading behavior on Firefox. #158

You can get the 1.5.0 release from both Docker Hub or Chrome Store.

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