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2.0 Release Notes 🏷

With the 2.0 major release 💥 of Dejavu, we're bringing in a new functionality: Search Preview. Using this, you can create a visual search UI from your Elasticsearch index.


We have also revamped Dejavu's UI color scheme and added a navigation to do everything from importing your dataset via Import to browsing data via Browse (the original Dejavu view) to Search Preview (visual search builder experience) to Mappings View (manage your schema).

Besides these major additions, we have worked on to close a number of issues.

  • #217 Dejavu's chrome extension now runs in incognito mode (has to be enabled by the user),
  • #222 Mappings created from Dejavu's UI set a ignore_above value to set a max term limit to 256, same as Elasticsearch's default limit,
  • #226 Dejavu now handles extra URL / at the end while connecting to a cluster,
  • #143 Dejavu's build process no longer uses Bower, resulting in more maintainability.

What's next:

We're working on a complete rewrite of dejavu (see next branch) keeping performance in mind. It will do the following:

  • Support multi-index and full cluster views out of the box,
  • Allow configurable page size view,
  • Will come with a mobile responsive view mode.

If you are interested in hacking on it or helping in any other way, check out the Contributing Guide.

Get the chrome extension here, or get the Docker image here.