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package appbase
import (
type Client struct {
conn *connection.Connection
func NewClient(URL string, username string, password string, appname string) (*Client, error) {
conn, err := connection.NewConnection(URL, username, password, appname)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
client := &Client{
conn: conn,
return client, nil
func (c *Client) Ping() error {
return c.conn.Ping()
// Index returns an IndexService which is used to index a document
func (c *Client) Index() *actions.IndexService {
return actions.NewIndexService(c.conn)
// Update returns an UpdateService which is used to update a document
func (c *Client) Update() *actions.UpdateService {
return actions.NewUpdateService(c.conn)
// Delete returns a DeleteService which is used to delete a document
func (c *Client) Delete() *actions.DeleteService {
return actions.NewDeleteService(c.conn)
// Get returns a GetService which is used to retrieve a document
func (c *Client) Get() *actions.GetService {
return actions.NewGetService(c.conn)
// GetStream is used to start a stream of updates corresponding to a document
func (c *Client) GetStream() *actions.GetStreamService {
return actions.NewGetStreamService(c.conn)
// Search provides access to Elasticsearch's search functionality
func (c *Client) Search() *actions.SearchService {
return actions.NewSearchService(c.conn)
// SearchStream is used to get updates corresponding to a query
func (c *Client) SearchStream() *actions.SearchStreamService {
return actions.NewSearchStreamService(c.conn)
// SearchStream is used to send updates corresponding to a query to an URL
func (c *Client) SearchStreamToURL() *actions.SearchStreamToURLService {
return actions.NewSearchStreamToURLService(c.conn)
func NewWebhook() *actions.Webhook {
return &actions.Webhook{}