Core architecture of reactive UI libraries
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This is the platform agnostic core architecture of reactive UI libraries.


yarn add @appbaseio/reactivecore

Usage and documentation

Create store:

import configureStore from "@appbaseio/reactivecore";

Supported actions:

Import via:

import { <actionName> } from "@appbaseio/reactivecore/lib/actions"
Action Usage
addComponent to register a component in the store
removeComponent to remove a component from the store
watchComponent to set up component subscription
setQuery to set the component query in the store
setQueryOptions to add external query options
logQuery Executed automatically to log query for gatekeeping
executeQuery Executed automatically (whenever necessary, based on the dependency tree) when the query of a component is updated
updateHits updates results from elasticsearch query
updateQuery to update the query in the store - called when a change is triggered in the component
loadMore for infinte loading and pagination

Utility methods

Import via:

import { <methodName> } from "@appbaseio/reactivecore/lib/utils"
Method Usage
isEqual Compare two objects/arrays
debounce Standard debounce
getQueryOptions returns applied query options (supports size & from)
pushToAndClause Pushes component to leaf and node. Handy for internal component registration
checkValueChange checks and executes before/onValueChange for sensors
getAggsOrder returns aggs order query based on sortBy prop
checkPropChange checks for props changes that would need to update the query via callback
checkSomePropChange checks for any prop change in the propsList and invokes the callback


Check the Changelog doc