The Unite Framework is a slim framework for Ionic 2 which provides a lot of convenience for implementing common stuff like lists, push notifications and menus.
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Prerequisite for Unite

  • Node, NPM, loopback-v3 (nodejs framework) and mongoDB should be installed on you system.

Setup Unite on localhost

  1. Clone this repo and goto the server folder and run npm install command it will download all the node dependencies and then run node . command to run the node server.

  2. After successfully run the server then access this http://localhost:3002/explorer URL in the browser and add your application data for (Menu, Widget, WidgetAssignment, Source) using post service from loopback. refer Database Design Diagram for more clarification on relations between collections.

  3. Next, goto the web folder and run npm install command after that run ng serve --open command and check your application run on http://localhost:4200 .

Unite Documentation Link

Database Design Diagram