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Using the development version

Alternatively, if you wish to work with the latest development version directly from master on Github, you can fork the repo and build your own CLI. The entire toolchain has been containerized so you only need to install Docker.

TIP: Here is the official Go documentation explaining how to create a Go project structure and set GOPATH.

To get the repo setup, you can run the following set of commands to clone the repository into your go workspace and add the CLI path to your system PATH.

$ cd $GOPATH/src
$ mkdir -p
$ cd
$ git clone
$ cd amp
$ export PATH=$GOPATH/src/{YourOS}/amd64:$PATH

To build the CLI and the core AMP images, you can then run:

$ ampmake build

This will build cross-compiled versions of the CLI and place them in the appropriate locations under ./bin. In addition, this will build the development versions of each of the images necessary for creation of the AMP cluster.

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