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User Management Commands

The amp user command is used to manage all user related operations for AMP.

Other user-related commands that are not managed by amp user include login, logout and whoami.


$ amp user --help

Usage:	amp user [OPTIONS] COMMAND

User management operations

  -h, --help            Print usage
  -k, --insecure        Control whether amp verifies the server's certificate chain and host name
  -s, --server string   Specify server (host:port)

  forgot-login              Retrieve account name
  get                       Get user information
  ls                        List users
  resend-verification-token Resend verification email to registered address
  rm                        Remove one or more users
  signup                    Signup for a new account
  verify                    Verify account

Run 'amp user COMMAND --help' for more information on a command.

TIP: Use -h or --help option for any of the AMP commands or sub-commands to more information about the command's usage.


NOTE: For the purpose of illustration, we will use the local cluster (which is default) for running AMP commands.

  • To signup for a new user account:
$ amp user signup
username: sample
password: [password]
[user sample @]
Hi sample! Please check your email to complete the signup process.

NOTE: If you are working on a cluster without email verification, such as a local cluster, you will not need to verify your account as you will not be sent an email and you will be logged in automatically.

 amp user signup
 username: sample
 Verification is not necessary for this cluster.
 Hi sample! You have been automatically logged in.

After signing up, you will then be sent an email to your registered address. In this email, you will be sent a link to verify your account with or you can verify your account with the provided CLI command.

  • To verify your account using the token in verification email:
$ amp user verify [token]
Your account has now been activated.

NOTE: If you are working on a cluster without email verification, such as a local cluster, this command will be disabled.

 amp -k user verify <TOKEN>
 [user sample @]
 Error: `amp user verify` disabled. This cluster has no registration policy

If you are using hosted AMP, you will need to verify your account.

  • To login to your new account:
$ amp login
username: sample
password: [password]
Welcome back sample!
  • Once you have logged in, you can check who is currently logged in with amp whoami:
$ amp whoami
[user sample @]
Logged in as user: sample

In addition, every amp command will display who you are logged in as at the top of the command output.

$ amp
[user sample @]

  • To logout of your account:
$ amp logout
[user sample @]
You have been logged out!
  • In the instance that you have forgotten the username associated with your email, you can have the username sent to your registered email account:
$ amp user forgot-login
Your login name has been sent to the address:

NOTE: If you are working on a cluster without email verification, this command will be disabled.

  • To retrieve details of a specific user:
$ amp user get foo
  • To retrieve a list of users:
$ amp user ls
  • To remove a user:
$ amp user rm foo

This command only allows you to delete your own account. If you try to delete another user, you will see the following error:

$ amp user rm sample1
[user sample @]
Error: user not authorized

However, the su account has the privileges of removing other accounts in the cluster.

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