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Titanium Mobile todo sample app

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This is a Titanium Mobile sample app that creates a basic todo list. With this app you can maintain a listing of tasks to be completed, add to that list, and mark tasks as done.

Topics Covered

  • Local storage with SQLite via Titanium.Database
  • Modular Javascript with CommonJS
  • Multiple window app using a single execution context
  • Native UI features
    • Android menus
    • iOS navigation bar buttons
  • Cross-platform design

SQL for pre-populated todo.sqlite file

create table if not exists todo (item text, done integer);
insert into todo (item,done) values ('Pick Up Laundry',0);
insert into todo (item,done) values ('Go Food Shopping',0);
insert into todo (item,done) values ('Call Mom',0);
insert into todo (item,done) values ('Sleep',1);
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