Create dynamic styling based on the device orientation
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App styling based on Orientation

This demo is intented to demonstrate how to handle dynamic styling based on the device orientation using built in methods.


How does it work?

In alloy.js the orientationchange event is monitored. Based on the the orientation 2 globals are set, one for landscape and one for portrait. These 2 variables can then be used in any tss property to add dynamic styling.

In index.tss you see 2 definitions of the same class

".DynamicLabel[if=Alloy.Globals.isPortrait]": {}
".DynamicLabel[if=Alloy.Globals.isLandscape]": {}

This will make sure the window is correctly styled when opening up the window because only one of the two class definitions is applied according to the rules in alloy.js.

The only thing left to do, if you want to dynamically change styling while a window is actually opened, is to monitor the custom generated backbone event to reset the classes as shown in index.js'orientationchange', () => {
  // Reset the class here, Alloy handles tss if rules
  $.resetClass($.DynamicLabel, 'DynamicLabel');

When resetting a class with the 2 definitions specified as above, the rules will trigger again and the right definition is chosen. Don't monitor the Ti.Gesture event manually from this point on, as the globals might not have updated already in alloy.js, using the backbone event that is fired from alloy.js makes sure you always know for certain the globals are updated.