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Use the native AirPrint APIs in Titanium.
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Ti.AirPrint Module

Exposes the AirPrint API to Appcelerator Titanium applications.

Getting Started

View the Using Titanium Modules document for instructions on getting started with using this module in your application.

Accessing the Ti.AirPrint Module

To access this module from JavaScript, you would do the following:

var AirPrint = require('ti.airprint');




Prints a document by showing a popover on the iPad or a modal window on other iOS devices.


Takes one argument, a dictionary with the following keys:

  • url[string]: The URL to an image or PDF. Can be local or remote, but must be accessible to the app.
  • showsPageRange[boolean] (optional): Whether or not to show the page range selector in the popover (Deprecated, always true).
  • showsNumberOfCopies[boolean] (optional): Whether or not to show the number of copies (Default: true)
  • showsPaperSelectionForLoadedPapers[boolean] (optional): Paper selection for loaded papers is always shown for photo-outputes and grayscale photo outputs. Default: false
  • view[object] (optional): On the iPad, the object from which the popover should originate.


Returns whether or not the current device supports printing. Note that a printer does not need to be attached for this to return true.


  • open: Called when the AirPrint dialog finished opening.
  • close: Called when the AirPrint dialog finished closing.


See the example in ios/example/app.js.


Copyright(c) 2010-present by Appcelerator, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Please see the LICENSE file included in the distribution for further details.

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