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##The Titanium Object

The Titanium object is top-level namespace for the entire Titanium API. It is an object shared between all JavaScript contexts. Each frame, including the top-level frame of each window, has its own JavaScript context. This makes sharing data between frames a snap:

Titanium.DataDump = {}
Titanium.DataDump.value = "foo";

Note: Since it's simple to write to the Titanium object, you should be careful not to overwrite Titanium namespaces and methods, unless you know what you're doing.

Almost all instantiated objects in Titanium are accessor-objects. This means that properties can be accessed and modified in two styles. For example, take this use use of API.Application.getName():


Likewise a similar method can be used for modifiers:

Titanium.UI.currentWindow.title = "Title2";


Titanium provides an API for logging. There are two supported methods.

Titanium.API.critical("critical message");
Titanium.API.debug("debug message");
Titanium.API.error("error message");
Titanium.API.fatal("fatal message");
Titanium.API.notice("notice message");
Titanium.API.trace("trace message");
Titanium.API.warn("warning message");

Titanium.API.log(Titanium.API.CRITICAL,"critical message");
Titanium.API.log(Titanium.API.DEBUG,"debug message");
Titanium.API.log(Titanium.API.ERROR,"error message");
Titanium.API.log(Titanium.API.FATAL,"fatal message");
Titanium.API.log(Titanium.API.INFO,"info message");
Titanium.API.log(Titanium.API.NOTICE,"notice message");
Titanium.API.log(Titanium.API.TRACE,"trace message");
Titanium.API.log(Titanium.API.WARN,"warn message");

Note: You can view the log output via the web inspector (or a terminal window if you launched your app from the command line). The Web Inspector only logs WARN messages or higher.

If you want to control the level of logging that is displayed via stdout, you can set the logging level.

alert("The current log level is: " + Titanium.API.getLogLevel());
alert("The current log level is: " + Titanium.API.getLogLevel());

##Environment Variables

Titanium allows you to access environment variables via the Titanium.API.getEnvironment function. The object returned by this function is live representation of all environment variables, which allows you to query and update the environment easily.

var env = Titanium.API.getEnvironment();

// Modify the PATH environment variable.
var sep = Titanium.platform == "win32" ? ";" : ":";
env['PATH'] = env['PATH'] + sep + "/home/titanium/bin";


Many objects in Titanium can fire and handle events. Sometimes you may need to inercept all events after they've bubbled up to the top-level object. This is possible by installing an event handler on the Titanium object.

Titanium.API.addEventListener("CustomEvent", function(event)
	alert("Top-level got " + event.type + " event!");

Not only will Titanium.API.addEventListener listen for events fired with Titanium.API.fireEvent, but it will also listen for events originating from all Titanium objects (unless preventDefault or stopPropagation was called on that event).