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##The Current Window

All Titanium windows are UI.UserWindow objects. Code running in context of an HTML page can easily access the current window:


From there it is easy to modify the window at will:

Titanium.UI.currentWindow.setTitle(prompt("New window title:"));

All Titanium applications have an initial window, which can be set up in the tiapp.xml file (check out KitchenSink's tiapp.xml file or the guide. Once a window has been opened, it can be closed once, freeing its resources and can never be opened again. If you'd just like to hide a window, try the following:

}, 3000);

##Modifying Windows

Most window properties can be changed:


var newWidth = parseInt(prompt("New window width:"));

// Keep KitchenSink functional.
if (!isNaN(newWidth) && newWidth > 300)

var newHeight = parseInt(prompt("New window height:"));

// Keep KitchenSink functional.
if (!isNaN(newHeight) && newHeight > 300)

// Modify the bounds of the window all at once
var bounds = Titanium.UI.currentWindow.bounds;
console.log("Previous bounds: " +
	" x: " + bounds.x +
	" y: " + bounds.y +
	" width: " + bounds.width +
	" height: " + bounds.height);

bounds.width = 900;

Some properties can only be changed before a window is originally open though. In particular, a window may only change its use of chrome before it is opened.

// Should have no effect.

// This should work.
var w = Titanium.UI.createWindow("app://new_window.html");

##Transparent Windows

There are two types of transparency in Titanium. Full window transparency specified with the transparency property and background transparency specified with the transparent-background property.

###The Transparency Setting

The transparent element should contain a value between 0.0 and 1.0 and specifies the opacity of the total window. A window with a transparency value of 0.7 would look like:

var w = Titanium.UI.createWindow({
	url: "app://new_window.html",
	transparency: 0.85,
	height: 200

The transparency setting of a window can be modified after it has been opened. The following example will cause the new window to fade away when closed:

var w = Titanium.UI.createWindow({
	url: "app://fading_window.html",
	height: 200

###The Transparenct Background Setting

The transparent-background property specifies that the WebView in a window has a background which is transparent. Elements in the WebView may specify different opacities to create non-rectangular windows. Here is an example of a non-rectangular Titanium window with a transparent-background value of true:

var w = Titanium.UI.createWindow({
	url: "app://new_window.html",
	transparentBackground: true,
	height: 200

Note that currently the transparent-background property disables all chrome and overrides the transparency property. The transparent-background property cannot be changed once a window is open.