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Test and demonstration apps

This folder contains testing and demonstration apps, as well as associated helpers.

  • apps - Testing and demonstration apps
    • advanced - apps demonstrating more-advanced Alloy techniques
    • basics - apps demonstrating basic Alloy techniques
    • models - apps demonstrating the use of Models, Collections, and View-Model binding
    • testing - internal test apps used to verify tickets and development work
    • ui - apps demonstrating how to work with various UI componients
    • widgets - apps demonstrating how to use Widgets
  • lib - Jasmine and related unit testing scripts for tests included with some apps
  • projects - App stubs used by the jake app:run command for Alloy testing
    • Harness - A shell of a project to which the files in HarnessTemplate and the specific testing app are copied before being compiled and run.
    • HarnessTemplate - The actual base template files used when running the Alloy testing apps
  • specs - unit tests for Alloy development