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This is an Arrow connector for Elasticsearch.


$ appc install connector/appc.elasticsearch


If you wish to simply use the default Arrow CRUD operations, you can create and extend your own models:

var User = Arrow.Model.extend('user', {
	fields: {
		name: { type: String, required: false, validator: /[a-zA-Z]{3,}/ }
	connector: 'appc.elasticsearch'


Example configurations can be found in conf/. You can set any of the following on the connector:

  • configuration
    • the configuration settings to pass to the internal Elasticsearch client, as described here.
  • disableAnalysis
    • by default, indexed strings are set to not analyzed in the Elasticsearch mappings (see Mappings).
  • index
    • the main index to use inside Elasticsearch (defaults to default).
    • arrow: is prepended to this index name in order to differentiate better between Arrow and non-Arrow indices.
  • refreshOnCreate
    • whether to refresh the Elasticsearch index on a CU operation (defaults to false).
  • refreshOnDelete
    • whether to refresh the Elasticsearch index on a D operation (defaults to false).
  • refresh
    • whether to refresh the Elasticsearch index on any operations (defaults to false).
    • if true, this will override both refreshOnCreate and refreshOnDelete.

In addition, any of the following can also be set on Models themselves. These values override the connector-specified values where applicable:

  • index
    • specified index for the given model (defaults to connector value).
  • type
    • the type the model should be placed in (defaults to model name).
  • refresh(onCreate|onDelete)
    • whether to refresh after certain operations on this model (defaults to connector values).


In order to avoid any unexpected behaviour, the connector binds a template to Elasticsearch (on indices matching arrow:*) to disable String analysis.

If you wish to maintain String analysis, you can set disableAnalysis to true in the connector config.


This section is for individuals developing the Elasticsearch Connector and not intended for end-users.

$ npm install
$ node app.js

Running Unit Tests

When running the tests remember that appc.elasticsearch will use the index arrow:test for testing and will empty it. You can override this using the TEST_INDEX environment variable if needed.

$ npm test


This project is open source and licensed under the Apache Public License (version 2). Please consider forking this project to improve, enhance or fix issues. If you feel like the community will benefit from your fork, please open a pull request.

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