InfluxData Platform - Telegraf - Time-Series Data Collection
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* telegraf 1.1.2


Docker Image for InfluxData Telegraf, based on Alpine linux.


You may need to replace the path to /var/run/docker.sock depending on the location of your docker socket.

Most basic form:

docker run -t -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock:ro appcelerator/telegraf

Custom InfluxDB location, additional tags, and retention policy for InfluxDB 1.0.0:

docker run -t -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock:ro -v /var/run/utmp:/var/run/utmp:ro -e INFLUXDB_URL=http://influxdb:8086 -e TAG_datacenter=eu-central-1 -e TAG_type=core -e INFLUXDB_RETENTION_POLICY= appcelerator/telegraf

Configuration (ENV, -e)

Variable Description Default value Sample value
HOSTNAME To pass in the docker host's actual hostname localhost
TAG_<name> Adds a tag with the given value to all measurements TAG_datacenter=eu-central-1
METRIC_BATCH_SIZE size of writes that Telegraf sends to output plugins 1000
METRIC_BUFFER_LIMIT buffer limit for failed writes 10000
DEBUG_MODE Run telegraf in debug mode false true
QUIET_MODE Run telegraf in quiet mode false true
INTERVAL Data collection interval 10s
ROUND_INTERVAL Round collection interval true
COLLECTION_JITTER Collection jitter by a random amount 1s
FLUSH_INTERVAL Default flushing interval for all outputs 10s
FLUSH_JITTER Jitter the flush interval by a random amount 3s
OUTPUT_INFLUXDB_ENABLED enable InfluxDB Output true
OUTPUT_CLOUDWATCH_ENABLED enable Amazon Cloudwatch Output false
OUTPUT_KAFKA_ENABLED enable Kafka Output false
OUTPUT_NATS_ENABLED enable NATS Output false
OUTPUT_FILE_ENABLED enable File Output false
INPUT_KAFKA_ENABLED enable Kafka Input false
INPUT_NATS_ENABLED enable Nats Input false
INPUT_CPU_ENABLED enable cpu metrics true
INPUT_DISK_ENABLED enable disk metrics true
INPUT_DISKIO_ENABLED enable disk I/O metrics true
INPUT_KERNEL_ENABLED enable kernel metrics false
INPUT_MEM_ENABLED enable mem metrics true
INPUT_PROCESS_ENABLED enable process metrics true
INPUT_SWAP_ENABLED enable swap metrics true
INPUT_SYSTEM_ENABLED enable system metrics true
INPUT_NETSTAT_ENABLED enable netstat metrics false
INPUT_NET_ENABLED enable net metrics true
INPUT_LISTENER_ENABLED enable generic TCP listener false
INPUT_DOCKER_ENABLED enable Docker metrics true
INPUT_HAPROXY_ENABLED enable haproxy metrics false
INFLUXDB_URL Where is your InfluxDB running? http://localhost:8086 http://influxdb:8086
INFLUXDB_RETENTION_POLICY Set the name of the policy default autogen
INFLUXDB_USER InfluxDB username
INFLUXDB_PASS InfluxDB password metrics
INFLUXDB_TIMEOUT InfluxDB timetout (in seconds) 5
CLOUDWATCH_REGION Amazon region us-east-1
CLOUDWATCH_NAMESPACE Namespace InfluxData/Telegraf
INPUT_NATS_URL Url of NATS server nats://localhost:4222
INPUT_NATS_SUBJECT Subject to consume telegraf
INPUT_LISTENER_PORT Port of the generic TCP listener 8094
INPUT_LISTENER_DATA_FORMAT Data format of the generic TCP listener json
INPUT_HAPROXY_SERVER haproxy address /var/run/haproxy/admin/sock
OUTPUT_NATS_URL URL of NATS server localhost:4222
OUTPUT_NATS_SUBJECT NATS Subject for producer messages telegraf
OUTPUT_KAFKA_BROKER_URL Kafka broker URL in output localhost:9092
OUTPUT_KAFKA_TOPIC Kafka topic on which to write telegraf
OUTPUT_KAFKA_RETRIES Number of retries for the connection to Kafka 3
OUTPUT_FILE_PATH absolute path to the file, would better be mounted stdout
INPUT_KAFKA_BROKER_URL Kafka broker URL in input localhost:9092
INPUT_KAFKA_TOPIC Kafka topic on which to read telegraf
INPUT_KAFKA_ZOOKEEPER_PEER Zookeeper peers used by Kafka in input zookeeper:2181
KAFKA_DATA_FORMAT Kafka data format influx


  • telegraf-0.13
  • telegraf-1.0.1, telegraf-1.0
  • telegraf-1.1.2, telegraf-1.1, latest