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This repository contains build scripts, configuration files, and other miscellany related to building the Titanium docs for JsDuck.

To build the docs, you must have a local clone of this repo, the titanium_mobile repo, and the Titanium-flavored JsDuck repo.

Initial Setup

  1. Clone all three repos, preferably into the same parent folder (for example, ~/work).

  2. Set the TI_ROOT environment variable to the parent directory of all three repos.

    TI_ROOT=~/work export TI_ROOT

    If the repos are in different locations, or use non-default names, you can set environment variables for each repo. See

  3. Make sure you have Ruby installed, and install JsDuck's dependencies:

    gem install compass
    gem install rdiscount
    gem install json
  4. Make sure you have python installed and install pyyaml and Pygments.

    easy_install pyyaml
    easy_install Pygments
  5. Export the wiki docs as an Eclise Help archive. Extract the archive and rename the folder to ${DOCTOOLS_DIR}/htmlguides.

  6. If the jsduck_generator has not yet been added to Titanium mobile, obtain a copy of it and place it in the titanium_mobile/apidoc/generators folder.

  7. Here goes nothing! Try building the docs:

  8. If all goes well, open dist/index.html and see how it looks.

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