Build scripts and config for Titanium and it's branches
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This is a Hudson-based build system for Titanium Mobile and Desktop.

The basic configuration is:
	- Tomcat 6 + Latest Hudson
	- Git plugin
	- Set the ANDROID_SDK environment variable to the top level path of the Android SDK
	- Setup config properties (see below)
	- Point the mobile config at mobile/
	- Point the desktop config at desktop/

If you make any changes to the web interface, make sure to upload the changes by using:

To manage branch builds shown in the web interface:
	- Add a branch build:
		./tools/ add (mobile|desktop) <branch>
	- Remove a branch build:
		./tools/ remove (mobile|desktop) <branch>
	- List currently visible branch builds:
		./tools/ list (mobile|desktop)
Config properties

This build accepts properties either as environment variables, or from the "config.json" file at the top of the build tree. Currently accepted properties are:

- AWS_KEY (required)
 The Amazon Web Services key for uploading S3 Content

- AWS_SECRET (required)
 The Amazon Web Services secret key for uploading S3 Content

- UPLOAD_BUCKET (required)
 The bucket in which to upload builds, the JSON indexes, and web content