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* Appcelerator Titanium Mobile
* Copyright (c) 2009-2010 by Appcelerator, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
* Licensed under the terms of the Apache Public License
* Please see the LICENSE included with this distribution for details.
#import "TiRootController.h"
#import "TiWindowProxy.h"
The class represent root controller in a view hierarchy.
@interface TiRootViewController : UIViewController<UIApplicationDelegate,TiRootController,TiOrientationController> {
//Presentation: background image and color.
UIColor * backgroundColor;
UIImage * backgroundImage;
//View Controller stack:
* Due to historical reasons, there are three arrays that track views/
* windows/viewcontrollers that are 'opened' on the rootViewController.
* For best results, this should be realigned with a traditional container-
* style view controller, perhaps even something proxy-agnostic in the
* future. TODO: Refactor viewController arrays.
NSMutableArray *windowViewControllers;
NSMutableArray * viewControllerStack;
NSMutableArray * windowProxies;
//While no windows are onscreen, present default.png
UIImageView * defaultImageView;
//Orientation handling:
TiOrientationFlags allowedOrientations;
UIInterfaceOrientation orientationHistory[4]; // Physical device orientation history
BOOL forceOrientation; // Force orientation flag
UIInterfaceOrientation windowOrientation; // Current emulated orientation
BOOL isCurrentlyVisible;
//Keyboard handling -- This can probably be done in a better way.
BOOL updatingAccessoryView;
UIView * enteringAccessoryView; //View that will enter.
UIView * accessoryView; //View that is onscreen.
UIView * leavingAccessoryView; //View that is leaving the screen.
TiViewProxy<TiKeyboardFocusableView> * keyboardFocusedProxy; //View whose becoming key affects things.
CGRect startFrame; //Where the keyboard was before the handling
CGRect targetedFrame; //The keyboard place relative to where the accessoryView is moving;
CGRect endFrame; //Where the keyboard will be after the handling
BOOL keyboardVisible; //If false, use enterCurve. If true, use leaveCurve.
UIViewAnimationCurve enterCurve;
CGFloat enterDuration;
UIViewAnimationCurve leaveCurve;
CGFloat leaveDuration;
Returns visibility of on-screen keyboard.
@property(nonatomic,readonly) BOOL keyboardVisible;
Returns image view being displayed while application's view is loading.
@property(nonatomic,readonly) UIImageView * defaultImageView;
Returns current window orientation.
@property(nonatomic,readonly) UIInterfaceOrientation windowOrientation;
Tells the controller to hides and release the default image view.
@see defaultImageView
Provides access to background color of the view represented by the root view controller.
@see backgroundImage
@property(nonatomic,readwrite,retain) UIColor * backgroundColor;
Provides access to background image of the view represented by the root view controller.
@see backgroundColor
@property(nonatomic,readwrite,retain) UIImage * backgroundImage;
Returns currently focused view controller.
@return Focused view controller.
-(UIViewController *)focusedViewController;
-(void)windowClosed:(UIViewController *)closedViewController;
Tells the controller to resize its view to the size of main screen.
@return The bounds of the view after resize.
Tells the controller to resize its view to the size of main screen adjusted according to visibility of status bar.
@return The bounds of the view after resize.
Tells the controller to reposition all its subviews.
-(void)refreshOrientationWithDuration:(NSTimeInterval) duration;
Tells the controller to rotate to the specified orientation.
@param newOrientation The new orientation.
@param duration The rotation animation duration.
-(void)manuallyRotateToOrientation:(UIInterfaceOrientation)newOrientation duration:(NSTimeInterval)duration;
Tells the controller to open the specified window proxy.
@param window The window proxy to open.
@param args Reserved for future use.
- (void)openWindow:(TiWindowProxy *)window withObject:(id)args;
Tells the controller to close the specified window proxy.
@param window The window proxy to close.
@param args Reserved for future use.
- (void)closeWindow:(TiWindowProxy *)window withObject:(id)args;
@interface TiRootViewController (unsupported_internal)
* Methods declarations stored or moved in this category are NOT to be used
* by modules, as these methods can be added or removed from Titanium as
* needed, and have not been vetted for long-term use. This category itself
* may be moved to a private header later on, even.
@property(nonatomic,readonly) TiViewProxy<TiKeyboardFocusableView> * keyboardFocusedProxy;
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