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No ticket. Just update CREDITS since it hasn't been updated since Jan…

…uary and it's missing the majority of the current Platform team. I put them in order of first commit, using a git log command such as:

git log --author="yrus" --all --date-order --reverse

... to find "Cyrus", etc.
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1 parent c6146d2 commit 8ac24eaba752692de055d5a02d31b5d15a2a12e9 @billdawson billdawson committed Jul 30, 2012
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@@ -14,10 +14,17 @@ We would like to thank the following for their contributions:
- Nika Jones
- Steve Tramer
- Bill Dawson
+- Nathan "Opie" Cyrus
+- Sabil Rahim
- Josh Roesslein
- Ben Ramsey
+- Allen Yeung
+- Max Stepanov
- Chris Barber
+- Vishal Duggal
+- Hieu Pham
- Bryan Hughes
+- Ping Wang
If you're interested in contributing to Titanium, please let us know
by emailing Or, better yet, fork the Github

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