TIMOB-3648 : Expose Ti.AudioPlayer.bufferSize #137

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Exposed Ti.AudioPlayer.bufferSize; updated documentation, drillbit (API test) and KS (functional test). New instructions for testing with KS:

  • Phone->Sound->Remote Streaming

    • Click 'small buffer'
    • Click 'play'
    • RESULT: One of: alert: "File error: Unable to configure network read stream" (console: Audio packets are larger than kAQBufSize.) Fast to initially play; but jerky, lots of interruptions for buffering
  • Click 'stop'

  • Click 'default buffer'
  • Click 'play'
  • RESULT: Behavior "same as" old KS (low buffering time, consistent playback)
  • Click 'stop'
  • Click 'Large buffer'
  • Click 'play'
  • RESULT: Long buffering time, should never buffer again (although there's no guarantee on this)
  • Click 'stop'

confirmed on iphone 4 verizon, ipad 1 (3.2) ipad 2 (4.3.2) and ipod 3gt (4.0.1) using ks and Stephens notes above.

@rseagraves rseagraves merged commit 9224ce4 into appcelerator:master Jun 22, 2011

Code reviewed (rls). Functional testing by QE.

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