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TIMOB-4619 Refix: Orienting splitviews #230

merged 4 commits into from Jul 12, 2011

3 participants


Includes a fix for orienting splitviews into orientations they don't support. Note that the Apple HIG specifies that split views must support all orientations.

The fix is performed by selectively laying out subviews either according to the MGSplitViewController's layout methodology, or the standard layout for UIViews, depending on whether or not we're displaying in a popover, or already in a layout for the controller. There are also some other fixes to temporarily rotate split views into unsupported orientations for the purposes of visual consistency (this is not a regression, believe it or not, but is probably undesirable behavior).

Please note that before this can be merged to 1.7.2, the previous (incomplete) fix for 4619, 35cda9a, must be merged.

sptramer added some commits Jul 12, 2011
@sptramer sptramer [TIMOB-4619] Initial round of refixes to ensure that split views are …
…properly drawn when there's a modal above them which supports different orientation modes.
@sptramer sptramer [TIMOB-4619] Final fixes to visual regression issues. Trick is to for…
…ce the split controller's view to call the split controller's layout methods... sometimes.
@sptramer sptramer [TIMOB-4619] ... Okay, now the visual issues are fixed. 6743fa8

Code reviewed. Looks scary, but good.


tested on ipad1 (3.2) and ipad2 (4.3.3) both 4619 and 4137. looks good. (speaking for Nat and myself)

@sptramer sptramer merged commit 46ee461 into appcelerator:master Jul 12, 2011
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