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Commits on Mar 06, 2013
Joshua Roesslein Support setting orientation via tiapp.xml.
Expose a BlackBerry specific property to allow developers
to set the orientation property in the generated bar-descriptor file.
This allows for locking the orientation or allow "auto" orient behavior.

Joshua Roesslein Merge branch 'TIMOB-12815' fff9f5e
3  build_templates/blackberry/
@@ -94,7 +94,8 @@ def run(self, ipAddress = None, password = None, debugToken = None, storePass =
'author':(['publisher'] or 'not specified'),
'icon':'assets/%s' %(['icon'] or 'appicon.png'),
- 'splashScreens':splashScreens
+ 'splashScreens':splashScreens,
+ 'orientation': self.tiappxml.blackberry.get('orientation', 'default')
Blackberry.renderTemplate(os.path.join(self.buildDir,'bar-descriptor.xml'), newConfig)
4 build_templates/blackberry/templates/bar-descriptor.xml
@@ -44,7 +44,11 @@
<!-- <authorId>ABC1234YjsnUk235h</authorId> -->
+ % if config['orientation'] == 'auto':
+ % elif config['orientation'] != 'default':
+ <aspectRatio>${config['orientation']}</aspectRatio>
+ % endif

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