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Appcelerator development tools and UI package for Visual Studio Code.
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Appcelerator Titanium Package for Visual Studio Code

Version Version Greenkeeper badge

Appcelerator Titanium build tools and editor additions for Visual Studio Code.

Appcelerator Titanium extension for VS Code


Via the browser

  1. Open the extension on the Visual Studio Marketplace
  2. Click "Install"

In VS Code

  1. Open the Extension view, type in Titanium
  2. Select the "Titanium" extension by Axway
  3. Click "Install"
  4. Reload VS Code


To use this extension you'll need to have the Appcelerator CLI, and Titanium SDK setup. Follow this guide for info.

Open a Titanium project

File > Open... > Browse to Titanium project

From the CLI:

code /path/to/titanium/project



Command Keymap Description
Run cmd/ctrl-alt-enter Build and run on simulator/emulator or device
Package - Build project for Ad-Hoc or App Store distribution
Stop cmd/ctrl-alt-. Stop the current build
Set log level - Set the output log level
Init - Reload Appcelerator environment information
Generate autocomplete suggestions - Build autocomplete database for current default SDK version
Open related view cmd/ctrl-alt-v Open the related Alloy XML file
Open related style cmd/ctrl-alt-s Open the related Alloy TSS file
Open related controller cmd/ctrl-alt-x Open the related JavaScript file
Toggle related files cmd/ctrl-alt-a Toggle the related Alloy XML, TSS and Javascript files

Build tools

Use the command palette and commands listed above to build and run your Appcelerator project. Follow instructions to select platform, target and (if appropriate) code signing. The last build destination is saved for quick recall.

By default the integrated terminal is used to execute the build command.


Autocompletion support is provided to help speed up development by providing quick references to Titanium APIs and Alloy markup as well as references to modules, widgets and assets within your project.


On initial launch, autocomplete suggestions are generated for the active Titanium SDK in your project and the Alloy version in your active CLI.

Autocomplete suggestions can be regenerated by running the Generate autocomplete suggestions command from the command palette.

Titanium and Alloy

Titanium APIs and Alloy markup suggestions are provided in Titanium JavaScript and Alloy XML and TSS files. This includes classes, properties, methods and events.


Autocomplete Titanium APIs

Project references

Suggestions for other controllers, modules and widgets are presented when referencing through a Titanium function or Alloy markup.

Autocomplete project reference

Class and ID references

Suggestions for classes and IDs declared or defined in related Alloy XML and TSS files are presented.

Autocomplete style


Image suggestions are presented where appropriate.

Open related files

Opening related Alloy files is supported (see above commands list). This can also be by right clicking in an active editor.

  • From View, open related Style and/or Controller
  • From Style, open related View and/or Controller
  • From Controller, open related View and/or Style


Jump-to-definition support is provided for quickly accessing the definition or usage of Alloy markup and to easily generate new definitions. Images can be previewed inline.


From Views, click through to style definitions for tags, classes and IDs, in related or global TSS. Click through to event definitions in the related controller. Definitions can also be presented inline.

Style definition

A prompt is displayed to generate undefined styles or functions.

Generate style


Click on localized string references to jump to their definition. The option to generate undefined strings is provided.


Click on an image path to open a preview. For iOS, where multiple scaled images exist with the same name the first is opened (e.g. @2x).


Code snippets for common Alloy and Titanium APIs are provided for use in Alloy controllers and modules. A description of the snippet and link to documentation are provided where appropriate. Type the prefix and the autocomplete overlay will be displayed with matching snippets.


Prefix Description
tidebug Debug log message
tierror Error log message
tiinfo Info log message
tiwarn Warn log message
titrace Trace log message
tiaddevent Add event listener
tiremevent Remove event listener
tifireevent Fire event
tialert Show alert dialog
tiopt Show option dialog
tianim View animation
tifile Open file
tisound Play sound
tiaudio Play local or remote audio
tivideo Play local or remove video
ticamera Open camera
alglo Alloy Globals object
alcfg Alloy CFG object
alargs Arguments available in an Alloy controller
alcon Alloy create controller function
alcol Alloy create collection function
almod Alloy create model function
alwid Alloy create widget function
ifios iOS conditional statement
ifand Android conditional statement
ifwin Windows conditional statement


Check out the configuration settings document for configuration settings.


See the contributing guide for info


Various icons used throughout the extension are sourced from the awesome octicons project.


Apache License. Version 2.0

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