A Simple Demo for Facebook Ads integration on iOS
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A Simple Demo for Facebook Ads integration in iOS Apps

Facebook ads consist of a nice way to embed advertisements in your apps and make some money out of them if they gain significant visibility. The process to get there (to embed ads) is not complicated at all, as Facebook SDK (an SDK with frameworks made by Facebook) contains an ad-related framework called Audience Network. That framework is pretty much all you need for having ads being served inside an app.

There are various types of ads that Facebook provides for various platforms, but when talking about mobile devices then there are actually three types: Native, Interstitial, and Banners.

We are going to go through all the above cases in this post together, but besides that, I will also show to you how to make the necessary required configuration to the Facebook Developers portal. Actually, I will guide you to the configuration needed to make the app capable of showing ads.

For the full tutorial, please check it out here: