A simple demo for Firebase Signup & Login
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A simple demo for Firebase Signup & Login

Since Parse has started closing down there have been a couple of databases that have tried to replace Parse for Mobile Apps such as Firebase and Realm. Firebase is the one that is currently becoming the most popular because of the ease of use and speed. It also works with Android and Web as well as iOS which means that it is very useful for big projects because the database can be connected across all major devices. Firebase is owned by Google which means that the servers are very reliable and have great help on hand if needed. Firebase is also used by some very big tech companies like PicCollage, Shazam, Wattpad, Skyscanner and other big start-ups so you can see how reliable Firebase is.

In this tutorial we are going to look at a key aspect of this which is Login and Sign Up. We will also be looking at resetting the user’s password. We will be using the latest version of Firebase and XCode and also Swift 3. For this tutorial you need a basic to good understanding of Swift and XCode.

For the full tutorial, please refer to: