A Simple Demo for AdMob in iOS Using Swift
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A Simple Demo for AdMob in iOS Using Swift

Earlier this year, Apple announced it would discontinue its iAd App Network on June 30, 2016. Therefore, you can no longer use iAd as your advertising solution for iOS apps. You have to look for other alternatives for placing banner ads.

Among all the mobile ad networks, it is undeniable that Google’s AdMob is the most popular one. Similar to iAd, Google provides SDK for developers to embed ads in their iOS app. Google sells the advertising space (e.g. banner) within your app to a bunch of advertisers. You earn ad revenue when a user views or clicks your ads.

To use AdMob in your apps, you will need to use the Google Mobile Ads SDK. The integration is not difficult. To display a simple ad banner, it just takes a few lines of code and you’re ready to start making a profit from your app.

For the full tutorial, please check it out here: