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Sublime Text - WebDavSync

This is a small Sublime Text plugin for syncing your sublime project directory with a directory on a WebDAV server. That could be useful for WebDAV-based hotdeploy environments. All WebDAV (network) activities are queued and done in an own background thread, so the UI keeps always responsive.



Copy the content of this repository into a folder called WebDavSync in your Sublime Text packages directory. (Open the menu /Preferences/Browse Packages to determine the location of your packages directory)

Via Package Control:

Find WebDavSync in the Package Control installer and install it.


Create a *.sublime-project file (see for further consultation) and add a webdavsync section to the settings.

            "path": "/path/to/your/project/root",
            "folder_exclude_patterns": []

Open this file with Sublime Text (Project/Open Project) and from now on all files in your local root director(ies) are automatically uploaded to each time you save it there. If folders do not exist on the server, they will be created, before the file is uploaded there.

For example:

  1. The local root path is /projectdir - see folders section in your *.sublime-project file

  2. The local file /projectdir/static/js/app.js is saved

  3. The remote root path is /version1

The resulting webdav resource path is and the remote path /version1/static/js will be created if necessary.


  1. Basic and Digest authentication
  2. Uploading files and creating folders

Not Implemented

  1. Digest auth-int
  2. Deleting folders and files