jQuery FormCheck, inspired heavily by the MooTools plugin of the same name by MooTools.Floor
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jQuery FormCheck

I really didn't care for the form validation options available for jQuery, but I love the MooTools plugin, FormCheck. So I wrote this for jQuery that parses classes in the same way (but without the single quotes because I do not like them), and does some other stuff. This currently is not nearly as awesome or as complete as FormCheck, I'm not kidding.

Alpha Alert!

This code is relatively old, not full-featured, and was programmed for jQuery 1.2.6. There's no support for radios, selects, options, and who knows what else. I would love for somebody to fork it and make it way cooler, that's why I stuck it up on GitHub. If I see the need in the future, I'll update it and write some light documentation. For now, it is what it is.