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corerd commented Feb 22, 2013


I found your custom view nice, and I'm going to use it in a my project.
However, for my application I need additional features, such as display the integral amount of the task that has completed instead of its percentage, as well as draw the custom view in the storyboard.

So I developed these features and now I'd like to share them with you.
I kept backward compatibility with your code when the ADVPercentProgressBar class is instantiated programmatically.
I also added some documentation.

Thank you.

corerd added some commits Jan 20, 2013
@corerd corerd Repo cosmetics.
Add .gitignore.
Remove any tracked .DS_Store file.
@corerd corerd Repo cosmetics.
Remove any tracked xcuserdata subdirectory.
@corerd corerd Create
Add in resource project together with LICENSE.txt file.
@corerd corerd Update resource project. a40eb4d
@corerd corerd Change in setProgress method logic.
If showPercentage is true, then the percent is automatically calculated and displayed, otherwise the absolute value is displayed.
@corerd corerd Backward compatibility of setProgress method. 445cbf1
@corerd corerd Update ADVPercentProgressBar demo.
Assess the new feature of ADVPercentProgressBar.
@corerd corerd Change in setProgress method logic.
Check range of current progress and pin to its limits if required.
Refactoring showPercent property.
@corerd corerd Docunebt ADVPercentProgressBar class in doxygen format. a651440
@corerd corerd Demo update.
Refactoring integralProgressBars.
@corerd corerd Update copyright notices. 566fdd7
@corerd corerd Refactor showPercent property to BOOL, according to iOS SDK convention. c5aaa3b
@corerd corerd Add oxygen. 902d580
@corerd corerd Documentation updates. 43bba50
@corerd corerd Add Doxygen main page d0e4d7b
@corerd corerd Remove insignificant xcode configuration file 1a98d93
@corerd corerd Add insignificant xcode configuration folder to .gitignore 4c1df28
@corerd corerd initWithCoder f0428fd
@corerd corerd Update README bb1471a
@corerd corerd Test about ImageView dimension 6b3611a
@corerd corerd Revert "Test about ImageView dimension"
This reverts commit 6b3611a.
@corerd corerd Scale image c999e67
@corerd corerd Fix position of percent view image 3511383
@corerd corerd Fix initialization properties when load from NIB 28959cc
@corerd corerd Demo update adding ADVPercentProgressBar programmatically or via a NIB 8cb0a5c
@corerd corerd Update source code documentation 6b333bb
@corerd corerd Documentation update f19aa8d
@corerd corerd Release custom views on viewDidUnload method ae51fcd
@corerd corerd Using the ADVPercentProgressBar View tutorial 9bb2466
@corerd corerd Documentation updates b8b9692
@corerd corerd Add image to documentation resources e0471fe
@corerd corerd Documentation updates 41fd74e
@corerd corerd Documentation update e3f21e0
@corerd corerd Add retina 4 launch image 17cd8c1
@appdesignvault appdesignvault merged commit ac4c9b8 into appdesignvault:master Feb 22, 2013

Hi Corrado. I just merged the changes. Really well done. thanks for this!

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