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Tutorial: App Builder Data Type

In this tutorial we will show you how to modify the App Builder to create a new custom Data Type for the objects we create.


The App Builder is one of our Ops Portal tools that allows a user to define a basic application that runs inside the OpsPortal.

In this tutorial, we will add a customized data type for storing uploaded images associated with a defined object.

Let's Go

  • step 1 : App Builder Setup and installation
  • step 2 : Define a Test Application
  • step 3 : Client Side Data Type
  • step 4 : Server Side Data Type
  • step 5 : How Images will be uploaded
  • step 6 : Add A Form to our Application
  • step 7 : Display The image uploader widget
  • step 8 : ToDo: Something Went Wrong
  • step 9 : ToDo: Fix Width And Height
  • step 10 : ToDo: Handle Edits