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Dart Library for Essential PascalCoin Functions
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A PascalCoin library written in Dart, ported based on the sbx JavaScript library for PascalCoin.

PointyCastle APIs are used for ecdsa, sha256/512, hmac, etc.


  • 'pascaldart/common.dart' - Basic models for PascalCoin objects such as PrivateKey, PublicKey, AccountName, AccountNumber, etc. Also several "Coder" objects which encode and decode these objects to byte arrays.
  • 'pascaldart/crypto.dart' - PascalCoin cryptography. Generate keys, sign messages, encrypt/decrypt private keys (PrivateKeyCrypt), and encrypt/decrypt payloads (EciesCrypt)
  • 'pascaldart/signing.dart' - PascalCoin signing. Includes operation models (such as TransactionOperation), encodes and decodes operations to raw format, and can sign operations using a PrivateKey
  • 'pascaldart/json_rpc.dart' - An implementation of PascalCoin's json-rpc API.

If you want to import everything, import pascaldart/pascaldart.dart


  • Support multi-operation
  • Add parser for walletkeys.dat (from desktop wallet)
  • Support Extended PASA (EPASA)
  • Support more json-rpc methods
  • Support sect283k1 curve
  • More tests (particularly for operation digests)

Issues and contributing

Contributions are welcome and encouraged. Simply fork this repository, make changes, and create a pull request.

For issues, create an issue on GitHub

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