Allow bots to be filtered out of global timeline #146

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We need a way to mark an account as a 'bot' account so that it doesn't necessarily appear in the main global timeline, mainly to avoid flooding global with posts.


Not bot accounts but bot posts. I may authorize an app to do some bot activity that I want done (notifications, passing messages between apps, etc.) and that would be over my account.


Yes. agreed that marking the "bot" attribute can be applied at the level of a post, but there is a need to be able to mark every post coming from an account as a bot post. As an example, see:


Bot accounts should be covered by user.type :

@JoshBlake I can see use for denoting that a post was generated programmatically from an account of user.type != bot - might be best accomplished by an annotation and client convention though, which would also allow us to sub-classify programmatically generated posts at will in some sort of taxonomy. Thoughts?


Closing this as "bot posts" have been implemented as machine only posts.

@orianmarx orianmarx closed this Dec 20, 2012
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