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Allow bots to be filtered out of global timeline #146

digitalquery opened this Issue · 4 comments

4 participants

digitalquery Joshua Blake Dave Quick Orian Marx

We need a way to mark an account as a 'bot' account so that it doesn't necessarily appear in the main global timeline, mainly to avoid flooding global with posts.

Joshua Blake

Not bot accounts but bot posts. I may authorize an app to do some bot activity that I want done (notifications, passing messages between apps, etc.) and that would be over my account.


Yes. agreed that marking the "bot" attribute can be applied at the level of a post, but there is a need to be able to mark every post coming from an account as a bot post. As an example, see:

Dave Quick

Bot accounts should be covered by user.type :

@JoshBlake I can see use for denoting that a post was generated programmatically from an account of user.type != bot - might be best accomplished by an annotation and client convention though, which would also allow us to sub-classify programmatically generated posts at will in some sort of taxonomy. Thoughts?

Orian Marx

Closing this as "bot posts" have been implemented as machine only posts.

Orian Marx orianmarx closed this
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